RYA/World Sailing Offshore Safety Course


This two day intensive course is designed to equip all offshore sailors with the skills to survive in the event of vessel abandonment or the more likely event of falling overboard. This training has been developed by a very experienced panel of offshore sailors who have a life time of sailing offshore with experience in both hemispheres and in both the Antarctic and Arctic waters.

Whilst the focus is on the practical aspects of survival, the need to develop a culture of safety on board cruising and racing yachts, both mono hull and multihull, is to the fore of this week end course.

Yacht owners, need to be up to date with the very latest national legislation covering their civil liability and harmonized national workplace laws introduced in 2012.

We will show you how to develop a Safety Audit so as to reduce crew risk resulting in a Safety Management System for your vessel.

All sailors need to understand the importance of selecting the right equipment for both their vessel and for themselves. In particular individual personal floatation devices and the benefits of the correct harness and tethers and strobes and Persona Locator Beacons. We do not sell safety equipment but we have a large range of items on hand for you to appraise.

This course will equip sailors embarking on a cruising lifestyle to sail with confidence safely. The training results in the issue of Certification meeting the requirements of World Sailing Federations Special Regulation 6.01 for yacht racing categories zero, 1 & 2.

World Sailing is the world governing body for the sport of sailing.

For details of the syllabus download our Participant Information sheet.

We also undertake one day RYA revalidation courses for the above certification.

Other Sea Safety training delivered by us includes IMO compliant STCW10, for international super yachts and ESS/GPH for crew undertaking “near coastal” voyages on commercial vessels in Australian waters.

The course starts at 08:00 and runs for about nine hours normally concluding at 17:30.