Marine First Aid


Most yachtsmen and women undertake basic first aid training as a precaution against the inevitable accidents at sea, but in this training we are only taught how to stabilise a patient until the ambulance arrives. This is usually 11 minutes in a capital city in Australia.

At sea off the Queensland coast, as an example, using established Australian search and rescue services, the minimum response time for on site medivac is three hours.

This training is mandatory for racing yachtsmen and highly recommended for all who venture offshore under power or sail.


The course content has been developed by trained paramedics who are experienced offshore yachtsmen and certified workplace trainers.  Using the International Maritime Organizations Marine First Aid syllabus as the core content you will focus on the injuries which are marine specific.

Whilst a basic appreciation of first aid is helpful, this course requires no prerequisite training.

The course is delivered in one long day of intensive training.

The training meets Yachting Australia and RYA and ISAF racing rules of sailing 2013-2016 Special Regulations 4.07.6.

This course certification is Apply First Aid HLTFA 311C incorporating HLTCPR211A perform CPR and HLTFA 211A Provide Basic Life support.

The certification is Workcover accredited

It also meets Australian State Maritime Training requirements for coxswain, master class 5 and 4 and complies with Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) TDM MF 10.

Meets the requirements of STCW 10 paragraph A-VI/1-3.


  • Injections and how to give them
  • Radio medical protocols
  • How to call for assistance afloat
  • CPR in the marine environment
  • Hypothermia treatment
  • How to stabilise an injured crewman
  • Burns and how to treat them
  • How to suture wounds
  • Patient evacuation by helicopter and marine
  • Head injuries and concussion
  • Treating falls from aloft
  • Focus on common marine injuries
  • Recommended contents of your medical kit


You will be provided with the support publication “Active First Aid” 8th Edition by Peter Mckie as well as our recommended contents for a Marine First Aid kit.

Note paper and pen.

The course starts at 08:00 and runs for about ten hours normally concluding at 18:30.